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Main Writings

Ring classifications are based on centrality, importance, and goodness, in roughly that order.

First Ring (4)

Metacognitive Science

An articulation of a new program for improving the way we do science, based on the mapping of human intuition and the cataloguing of patterns of scientific cognition.

Frame Hermeneutics and Conceptual Perspectives

A model of how we interpret writing and other sorts of media based on the fractal creation and gluing together of mental images (frames), with applications to mathematics.

Second Ring (7)

The Ideatic Realm

Here, I motivate the notion of the ideatic realm, or the realm of their ideas and their necessary interplay, give a couple of examples of our interaction with this realm, and then push back on the notion that ideas themselves have volition (which is what other people approaching this idea tend to say), instead casting ideatic phenomena as primarily mechanical processes fueled by human cognition.

Virtuality and Phenomenology

Virtuality is what I call the property of recreating sensuous experience, and plays a significant and underappreciated role in our phenomenological sense of self. I examine this virtual self by reference to meditative experience and a bit of neuroscience.

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