Think not lightly of good, saying, "It will not come to me." Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.

Review at 11 PM on days that are divisible by 3. If either I or partner are asleep or otherwise unavailable at 11 PM, then review instead at 1 PM the following day.

Short-Term Goals

Get the structure of the intelligence thesis down, start working on it.

Write 2000 more words for Cognitive Temperature and Descriptive, not Normative (each), think deeply about Moral Renormalization (and find a better name!)

Spend at least eight hours intentionally distanced from all technology while in my room, not lying in bed.

Spend at least half an hour meditating.

Have I been...

Efficient, searching for the best resources and tools so as to make my tasks quicker and better

Effortlessly confident, letting things come easily to me in the knowledge that doing so will make them actually easy?


Exploratory, searching for ways in which I can expand, generalize, or recontextualize my work

Organized, setting times for my work, my play, and other activities

Mindful and disciplined as regards my thought patterns

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